Yes, Jesus Loves Me

Months ago I was browsing an online store when I saw a framed print.  It was pricey, but instantly I wanted it.  The words were simple and childish: “YES, JESUS LOVES ME”
These are words I have known, pondered, sung and rejoiced in since I was two years old. My earliest church experiences were of Mrs. Latulip coming into the toddler room and playing the piano and leading us in singing: “This Little Light of Mine”, “The B.I.B.L.E.”, “Jesus Loves the Little Children”, and this one, “Jesus Loves Me, This I Know”.

The song is just right for two year olds. Turns out it’s perfect for a 65 year old as well.  Those words are more comforting than pie and coffee. They are more powerful than a Naval destroyer.  They are able to dispel the gloom in our hearts and the guilt in our souls.  Nothing can separate us from the love of God.

How do I know that Jesus Loves Me?

Jesus died a horrible, tortured death on the cross, not for His own sins, but for mine.  And yours. That takes a kind of love that this world cannot produce. It’s hard for us to even imagine that kind of love. Yet Christ offers us that love, freely and fully.  Jesus could not possibly love us more than He does.  We might worry that we are so full of guilt and shame, that Jesus could never truly love us, because people in the world find us quite unloveable.  But Jesus loved and forgave the robber on the cross, simply because the man believed.  Jesus sought out Paul and forgave his hatred and murderous raging against Christians.  Jesus is more than ready to forgive the deep, hideous torrents of sin within each of us.  He forgives, washes, renews, and blesses the one who turns to Him. YES, JESUS LOVES US...

I ended up finding the print for way less money and putting an inexpensive frame on it. But it would have been worth thousands of dollars for the peace its truth instills in my soul during the storms of life.  What is it about seeing the ageless words staring at me from the wall?  Why did I have to have it?  It is because it’s like those memorial stones in the book of Joshua, Chapter 4.   Every time I see it, it reminds me of His love.  It whispers the truth in my soul once more:  JESUS LOVES ME!  And when children visit my home, they inevitably ask why I have the print on my wall.  It’s an opportunity once again to tell them the old, old story of Jesus and His love.
Because the Bible tells me so.

Joyce Yearsley
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