How big is your God?

Regarding remodeling the building, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Give the money to the teachers and missionaries.”

Do you know what is funny about the above statement? If you could talk to 36-year-old me, I might agree. Just a couple of years into my tenure here at Sonrise, I started making small, subtle changes to the facility to help bring it more up-to-date, but we are talking a few hundred dollars here and a few thousand dollars there. More than special projects around the church, I struggled more with short-term missions. My attitude was, “why spend thousands on a week or two when that money could be used to greater effect by those in the field?”

I held this attitude until I had a moment with the Lord. There was nothing audible, but there was an intense conviction. “How big am I,” came the thoughtful question. “You are infinite,” came my Sunday School answer. “Then why are you standing in the way of My work in peoples lives and communicating a ‘lesser’ version of Me.” “I don’t understand,” came my response. “You are acting (and communicating) as though I am incapable of providing for short-term missions, and long-term missions at the same time, that I am not capable of providing for my children and the mission that I have called them to.”

My God was too small, and God broke me of this error. During the next few years, I would see God do miracles in my life. When we arrived at Sonrise, we figured that we could survive on an Associate Pastor’s salary for two years before we had to figure something out; God blew that out of the water and provided for all our needs and even some wants. When Emma needed back surgery, and we were surprised with an out-of-network deductible, we could not pay; God just paid for the whole thing ($92,000) without insurance. When I floated the idea that I would attend seminary at DTS debt-free, people thought I was crazy, yet God provided a $35,000 degree debt-free.

So, here we stand as a church, looking at a $1.5 to $2 million remodel project that will be done debt-free. Couldn’t this money be used for some other ministry? It could, but this is not the real question. The real question is, “How big is your God?” Can your God, who spoke the universe into existence with a word, easily pay for this remodel and still provide for ministries throughout the world at the same time? If the answer is, “No,” your God is too small. For me, my God is big enough to accomplish all of this and more. I pray that you come to know this God, an unbelievable provider, for He will change your life.

“And my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” -Philippians 4:19
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