Generous Grace
By Joyce Yearsley
Recently, a restaurant owner locked up her restaurant for a few days and took all 20 of her employees and their families on an all expense paid trip to Disney World.
Gypsy Gilliam, owner of the State Farmers Market Restaurant in Raleigh, North Carolina, organized the trip to show her staff how much they’re appreciated.
One employee stated, “Most of the servers are single moms like me and Gypsy’s generosity is the only way we could ever take our kids to Disney.”
Employee Jasmine Kamel said, “It was so amazing, I cried a couple of times. I could cry right now. I don’t think she’ll (the owner) ever understand how grateful we are for what she did for us.”
This is a true story that closely resembles the parable Jesus told about the landowner hiring more laborers as the day went on (Matthew 19:30 – 20:16). Gypsy is a very generous employer and gave her employees a gift which most of them could never afford on their own. She gave to them lavishly and equally. Some of Gypsy’s employees have been working at the restaurant for many years and some have recently started. Some are head chefs and some are servers and dishwashers. All received the free trip with their families to Disney World. All were transported there on the same bus. All received the same, luxurious benefits of Gypsy’s grace.
In Jesus’ parable, those hired early in the day became bitter when they received the same pay as those hired late in the work day. They expected much more. But the landowner paid everyone the same denarius. It was a gracious amount for their work as day laborers. Likewise, true believers are the recipients of the extravagant grace and mercy of our Father in Heaven. Some of us came to Christ at an early age and have served the Lord for many years. Others of us were brought into the Flock much later in life, almost too late to serve the Lord. Yet all of us will receive the same glorious promises of God, the same mercy, and enjoy the same sweet fellowship with our Lord in Heaven. It isn’t the Lord’s unfairness… it is His abundant, undeserved mercy.